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The Jewelry of Alexis Kirk alexis kirkmodaoperandi.comwww.caram alexis alexis



Famous for his influential clientele (and his superstitious nature), he designed pieces for Jackie O., Wallis Simpson, and Cher, as well as several First Ladies.  While he received awards and accolades for his jewelry, he also designed a line of clothing and accessories through the ’70s and ’80s.





The Jewelry of Jacquie Aiche





A great interview of designer Jacquie Aiche by another great designer Rachel Roy, and a shout-out on one of my favorite blogs, Honestly WTF, below:

Lizzie Fortunato’s Atelier

Read the entire article at The Glamourai:


D squared Spring/Summer 2014, Menswear, Spring Summer, 2014, Milanthefashionisto.comfustany.comallure.com


Chunky jewels with tiki flair?  Next time you’re going to a barbecue, bring some oomph with the potato salad.

And on that note…

I love Pamela Love.  I would say that I wanted her to be, like, my best friend, but I think that would make me too nervous.  Really, I want her to be my cool cousin who rarely comes to family gatherings, but when she does, we get drunk and sing karaoke and stargaze and sh*t.

After that post about tattooed jewelry, I thought I would throw in this video of her uber-cool tattoo parlor she used to promote her Spring/Summer ’13 line at New York Fashion Week.  That she is interviewed by the adorable Garance Dore is just icing on the cake….



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