Obsessions of the Week (5/12-5/18)

1. Black orchids.

They’re mysterious, they’re sexy, and they’ve inspired everything from the name of a female superhero to a Tom Ford perfume.

www.slippertalk.com a-sweetlust.blogspot.comwww.withycombefair.co.uk


2. Nancy Whang

Musician, DJ, current member of The Juan MacLean, former member of LCD Soundsystem, she has collaborated with Holy Ghost!, Classixx, Soulwax, Shit Robot.  Generally, she’s a DFA records badass  She’s peachy.  Such a girl crush…



3. The Smell of Fresh Jasmine and Gardenias

Being home recently in New Orleans for Jazz Fest, I realized I had forgotten just how heavenly are the scents of live jasmine and gardenias.  Perfumers never seem to quite capture the earthy, seductive, gingery scents.   I went around huffing the air.

4. New Made Vintage

Soooo, I might have bought way too much at Trashy Diva in New Orleans. They have two great locations and create their own designs based on vintage patterns and they are all gorgeous!  I could have bought every piece! They stock not only clothes, but shoes, handbags, and jewelry to complete your ensembles in true vintage style.



But there are other fantastic places that create vintage-style clothes out of fresh fabrics.  I bought a pair of high-waisted shorts from Miss Candyfloss and wish that I had bought four, I love them so much!


And I discovered this fantastic place in Amsterdam last summer:


5.  Speaking of vintage, I’m sort of obsessed with PBS’ “Mr. Selfridge”.  Will Lady May thwart her horrible husband?  Who will come home from World War I?  Which silent film star will show up at Selfridges next?  It’s ridiculous, campy, it’s full of period costumes, and I love it.


www.dailymail.co.uk www.whatsontv.co.uk www.thehollywoodsew.com






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