Game of Thrones, part deux

Okay, so I received some complaints that there were no men in the Game of Thrones jewelry section.  In fact, I might have been called sexist.

Jon Snow- He knows nothing.  But as he romps around the far north, he might be able to learn something by reading the scrolls on this cuff.


Sam- As one of the show’s true romantics, Sam would wear this Chinese symbol for Love under his black robes.  And if anyone asked, he would tell them it meant “mighty warrior”.  And who would know?  Sam’s the only one who reads Chinese.  ‘Cause he learned it in a book.

Jaime Lannister- When you only have one hand, you have to spruce it up a bit.  Maybe the skulls are for all the men he’s killed, or maybe it’s because, like Keith Richards, Jamie Lannister is a rock star.

Tyrion- As the new master of coin, Tyrion better be using these prayer beads to pray for some money.  (Oh the Bank of a-Braavos is a comin’ down the street, oh please don’t let it be for meeeee…) Was going to do some sort of charm/coin necklace, but sometimes you can take a necklace a little too far….

Littlefinger- Good for the man who’s snapping up land, keeping with the times, and always reading the fine print.

The Hound- Dog collar.  Couldn’t help myself.

Oberyn Martell- Sand snakes! That is all.


Reek- Theon Greyjoy gets nothing.  Ever.  Again.

Brothers Without Banners- Friendship bracelets.  ‘Cause when you are fugitives united in your common goal to serve justice to…ya know, um, people…and stuff, some bonding is really important.  Nothing says a crafty “I love you, man” like a hand-made friendship bracelet.

The Lord of Bones- This was kind of a no-brainer.

The White Walkers- Something to bring out their eyes.  And yes, not all white walkers are men.  But I’m counting them as men.  ‘Cause I’m sexist.

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