Style Icon: Keith Richards

Keith Richards was once asked by Vanity Fair to name his favorite style icon.  “Why should I … I am one!” he replied. avenidaalcorta.tumblr.com

In the fifty-plus years that the Rolling Stones have been making headlines, Keith Richards has developed quite a signature style, imitated by everyone from Johnny Depp to the folks at Louis Vuitton.  (While I like to imagine that Richards is echoing a bit of his childhood hero, Roy Rogers.)

He’s always sporting some form of jewelry, but his keystone pieces are remarkably simple.  A skull ring on his right ring finger and a handcuff bracelet on his left wrist.

“To this day, Richards wears a bracelet which resembles a pair of handcuffs as a reminder that he never wants to be arrested again. Perhaps also appropriate is that he wears a [sic] ring portraying a human skull without a jaw, a gift from a friend and New York jeweller, although he has said publicly that it represents the fact that “beauty is only skin deep.”     –

The ring was designed by Courts and Hackett and the handcuff bracelet is from Brotherhood Bracelets.  As for cripping the rest of his style, unbutton your shirts and get your best rock’n’roll skinny necklaces on, boys and girls.  Oh, and a stone cold stare.  The stone cold stare is key.

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