Game of Thrones

Because I am a huge fan (read: nerd), and as the new season of “Game of Thrones” premieres shortly, I thought I’d pick out some modern jewelry for the lady (and I use that word loosely) characters of the show/novels. (You know, as in books that you should be reading.  Like yesterday.  Because it’s like torture, having to worry about spoilers all the time.)

SANSA- For Sansa, delicate and feminine is probably best, but she is becoming fiercer in gradually learning to play the game.  She has the loyalty and innocence of a child, but girl, you’ll be a woman soon.

ARYA- Pretty austere in her attire, she needs items that are useful to her goals and her shifting personas, like a pad and paper, just in case she needs to….oh, I dunno…say, make a list.  But no matter how her identities change, she will always remain the most vengeant of Starks.


CIRCE- A mother.  And a power-hungry egotistical fiend. She excelled at putting the horns on her Baratheon king, but how long can she wear a crown?

DAENERYS- Um, so Dany might be needing a lot more chain mail in the future.  Like a lot.  That mother of dragons is in some hot water.  (And that’s not a phrase you hear everyday.)


miu miu on

MEARA REED-  A nature girl at heart, Meara lives off the land and uses those same skills to defend herself.  Her jewelry has to represent.

ASHA (YARA) GREYJOY- Known for leading men, and maybe even leading men on, Asha (or Yara) doesn’t give unless she’s getting something good, which means her jewelry has to work double time.  A ring that provides a knife set? A necklace she could use to help scale a wall? A bib she could use to stab somebody?  Oh yeah!

SHAE- Shae has enjoyed getting cozy (and bejeweled) with the King’s Hand in the halls of power, let’s just hope she doesn’t get too cozy…

MELISANDRE-  What better for the red woman then, well, red?  I feel like she’s a big stone type of woman, just as she’s taking one big gamble, that Stannis can pull it off…

MARGAERY TYRELL- She looks as innocent as a rose, but ooooh, Joffrey, look out for those thorns!

jewelsdujour.comchris habana on


YGRITTE- Kissed by fire, Ygritte is a hot-blooded and intrepid young woman, but being from Beyond the Wall, she might want more than just Jon Snow to keep her warm.

carlotta-wwwsplendor.blogspot.comthesak.comfire and ice tiara by geoffrey rowlandson on


LYSA ARRYN- With the death of her husband, Lysa has retreated back to The Eyrie, her mountaintop palace, instead of returning to her Tully family.  Despite all her precautions, if there’s a door in the floor, are you ever really safe?  At least wearing this great body chain won’t interfere with, erm, breastfeeding?


BRIENNE-  Brienne was a tough one.  Wanting to prove herself as a fierce warrior, I doubt that she sports much beyond the leather cuffs that might be standard with any training gear.  But if her romps around the countryside have taught her anything, it’s to carry around some sapphires….

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