Tattoo You

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life.”
― Sylvia PlathJohnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams: Short Stories, Prose, and Diary Excerpts

Myself, I have three tattoos, one on each wrist and one in a…erm, more personal location.  Recently, I have been thinking about what else one can ink.  I have long admired the bejeweled necklace tattoo of my friend, Laura.

Laura's beautiful tattoo by Emma at Porcupine Studios
Laura’s beautiful tattoo by Emma at Porcupine Studios

It looks fantastic, especially when layered with other ornate necklaces.  Given my tattoo envy, it bled into having a slight obsession with any other tattooed jewelry.  Which I always think looks great.  Maybe because I’m obsessed with jewelry.  Just slightly. dheris.nettattoowhere.comtattoobite.comaliexpress.comtattoosales.comrebloggy.comcapsuleshow.compinterest.comellaandlouise.comellaandlouise.comtattoomaniac.netmajorbaggage.comDSCF8899tumblr_medmg2sVfW1raxim6o1_500trendhunter.comtumblr_mfe8y2Vig41rjl8fro1_500

I think that it might be really cool to combine piercing and tattoos in some beautiful skin jewelry.

Can you imagine this moroccan necklace tattooed on to the skin with silver ball piercings as accents?






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