The Skin of My Teeth…

I was in Amsterdam this summer, in a posh boutique, paying for my purchases, when the saleswoman flashed me a quick smile.  And there was a glimmering wink.  Of a diamond.  In her teeth.  I had NEVER seen this before.  We had, like, a twenty minute conversation about it.  And then she kindly let me take a picture of it, which you can see….

here.            here.

Needless to say, I’ve been kind of obsessed with teeth jewelry ever since. And it turns out that it is not such a new idea.

According to the National Geographic, this bejeweled skull, found in Chiapas, Mexico, is indicative of the pretty daedal dentistry that once existed in Mesoamerica.


Early dentists would attach jade with resin into holes bored in teeth with tools tipped with obsidian.

A tad more swanky than gold or silver grills:


how much do I love these dentures?!?!

how much do I love these dentures?!?!


But diamonds come close…

Yet nothing beats jewel-encrusting.  I mean, if you’re gonna go bling, it’s go big or go home.


You can use them to send a message:



Or as in the April 2013 issue of Interview Magazine, where artist Christian Ferretti made diamond bracelets for the teeth, you can give your teeth the royal treatment:



I mean, could you imagine actually having “pearly” whites?









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