I know that you want the candy…

An absolute orgy of candy jewelry.

o-my-darling.blogspot.com CutestFood_com_afontimg_66052-600x400


1finecookie on flickr.comlarkcrafts.comkate-rohde on trendhunter.comedx_katerohdescrystaluniverse_920x620ckate-rohde-blueberry-920x620_largerecklessbeading.blogspot.comdesignfetish.orgcrisanbakery.comcrisanbakery.com1finecookietut2012-4 at cakespy.comcrisanbakery.com1finecookietut2012-5 at cakespy.comedx_katerohdescrystaluniverse_920x620a_1stephanie-simek-sugar-crystal-studs-pink_grandetheheartfelthomemaker.wordpress.comwesternherald.comeconomycandy.comlittlenummies.netetsy.com895e939606a3d7174e3715a5c1fa90c1

mctega-jewelry trendhunter.comtrendhunter.comtrendhunter.cominstyle.compolyvore.comfashion4k.com

That is all.


Seriously though, check out Crisan Bakery for amazing edible jewelry.

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