Cold As Ice

Ice Cube Jewelry.

Yeah, not like that.

So, maybe it’s because we’ve been walking over sheets of it a lot lately, or perhaps it’s because I’ve been trying to plan my summer vacation and imagine myself somewhere blisteringly, blissfully hot, but I have been thinking about the lovely shape of ice cubes.

The first ice cubes were made by John Gorrie, a physician and the inventor of the refrigerator.  He created the idea, not to cool drinks, but to lower temperatures in his wards to improve “air quality”.  Interestingly, despite the fact that the first refrigerator dates to 1844, the first ice cube trays weren’t put into production until 1933.  (Oooh, trivia! Their inventor Lloyd Groff Copeman was the grandfather of Linda Ronstadt. Random.) securedownload-5



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