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Many years ago, I worked in a retail store.  We had fantastic necklaces for sale that were made of a slice on horn and beautiful wooden beads.  No one bought them.  At all.  Ever.  They were marked down and marked down, and finally we resorted to offering them as a gift with other purchases in the store.  People made those other purchases, but declined to take (for free!) the horn necklaces.  I brought one home, as I liked them.  What makes me laugh is that every time I wear it, I get besieged on the street, the subway, at work, by women coming up to me and demanding to know where I got said necklace.  For years, I puzzled at this, wondering how we could not sell a one, while people everywhere seemed to be craving them.  Then I realized that people often love the idea of wearing jewelry, while at the same time being intimidated about how to include it in their personal look and lifestyle.  I realized that few museums ever have exhibits of jewelry as an art form, and that a small percentage of the population even considers jewelry making as an art form, despite the fact that before we wore clothes, before we created paintings or sculpture, we created adornments for the body.  So let’s talk.

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